Wicked Sisters Embroidery


Funny & Rude Stuff

Funny & Rude Stuff
America Fuck Yeah! Image

America Fuck Yeah!
America Fuck Yeah Design

Beer Image

Beer Animal Design

Bear + Deer = Beer Image

Bear + Deer = Beer
Bear+Deer=Beer Design

Cheers Bitches Image

Cheers Bitches
Cheers Bitches Design

What Does the Fox Say? Image

What Does the Fox Say?
What Does the Fox Say Design

Legalize It Image

Legalize It
Legalize Cannabis Leaf Design

Talk Nerdy to Me Image

Talk Nerdy to Me
Talk Nerdy with Broken Glasses Design

Keep Calm Image

Keep Calm
Keep Calm and Smoke Weed Design with cannabis leaf

I Heart Moustache Image

I Heart Moustache
I Heart Moustache Design

OMG aka WTF Image

OMG aka WTF Design