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Want some machine embroidery designs that are different? Want to proudly wear designs that celebrate who you are and who you love?
Wicked Sisters Embroidery wants to make that possible by offering our new PRIDE range of machine embroidery designs.

Just to get started, here are the first bunch of designs.. MUCH more to come, very soon..
Be sure to contact us with comments or suggestions for embroidery designs you would like to see. We plan on including all kinds of wild and crazy stuff!

Designs will be emailed to you after we recieve notification from PayPal.. That is, untill we figure out this whole instant download thing! lol

Pride Designs Image
Wear your colors proudly.. Choose from these wonderful, colorful machine embroidery designs and rock someone's world or just your own!!

All designs are in 3 sizes..
Each zip file contains an image of the design, an info image with all specifications of the design, including color chart.
Formats included are DST, HUS, JEF, PCS (only 2 sizes, med & sm for PCS) PES, VIP
Pride Triangle Design Image

Pride Triangle Design
Triangle designs in rainbow colors with PRIDE word

Pride Flag Image

Pride Flag
Rainbow colors pride flag

No Code Design Image

No Code Design
Pride Colors in square design

Rainbow Pride Kanji Symbol Image

Rainbow Pride Kanji Symbol
Pride Kanji symbol in rainbow colors

Kanji Pride Symbol Square Design Image

Kanji Pride Symbol Square Design
Solid Kanji symbol in rainbow square

Solid Kanji Pride Symbol Design Image

Solid Kanji Pride Symbol Design
Solid color Kanji pride symbol

Love is Love Design Image

Love is Love Design
Rainbow hearts with print "Love is love"

Rainbow Daisy Design Image

Rainbow Daisy Design
Rainbow colored daisy petals

Hands of Pride Design Image

Hands of Pride Design
Rainbow colored hands with word "Pride"

LBGT Pride Design Image

LBGT Pride Design
LGBT square shape in shades of purple & black

Gay Christian Symbol Design Image

Gay Christian Symbol Design
Christian fish symbol in rainbow colors

Pink Triangle Design Image

Pink Triangle Design
Pink triangle with decorative fill

Pink / Yellow Triangle Design Image

Pink / Yellow Triangle Design
Double triangles, pink on yellow design

Peace Sign Swirl Design Image

Peace Sign Swirl Design
Peace sign with rainbow swirl fill

Purple Hand Pride Design Image

Purple Hand Pride Design
Short Description

Rainbow Yin Yang Design Image

Rainbow Yin Yang Design
Half rainbow half solid Yin Yang design

Pride Kiss Design Image

Pride Kiss Design
Rainbow colored kiss

Pink Kiss Design Image

Pink Kiss Design
Solid color kiss design

Ally Square Design Image

Ally Square Design
Ally square in rainbow colors

Ally Rainbow Design Image

Ally Rainbow Design
Ally symbol with rainbow in straight colors

Ally Heart Design Image

Ally Heart Design
Ally in rainbow colored heart with outline

Ally Symbol Design Image

Ally Symbol Design
Ally symbol in rainbow colors

Polyamorous Pride Flag Design Image

Polyamorous Pride Flag Design
Polyamorous Pride flag

Genderfluid Pride Flag Design Image

Genderfluid Pride Flag Design
Pride flag in genderfluid colors

Intersex Pride Flag Design Image

Intersex Pride Flag Design
Pride flag in intersex colors

Master / Slave Pride Flag Image

Master / Slave Pride Flag
Master / Slave pride flag

Leather Pride Flag Design Image

Leather Pride Flag Design
Leather Pride Flag with heart and leather pride colors

Polyamorous Pride Heart Design Image

Polyamorous Pride Heart Design
Heart design in polyamorous pride colors

Aromantic Pride Flag Design Image

Aromantic Pride Flag Design
Flag design in Aromantic colors

Asexual Pride Spade Design Image

Asexual Pride Spade Design
Spade Shape Design in Asexual Colors

LGBTQIA Pride Rainbow Design Image

LGBTQIA Pride Rainbow Design
Rainbow designs with letters LGBTQIA

2 Girls Design Image

2 Girls Design
Rainbow colors - 2 girls holding hands

Lesbian Pride Rainbow Rings Design Image
Lesbian Pride Rings Design Image

Lesbian Pride Rings Design
Black rings with rainbow colored center fill

Lesbian Rainbow Heart Design Image

Lesbian Rainbow Heart Design
Lesbian heart shape in rainbow colors

Rainbow Labris Symbol Design Image

Rainbow Labris Symbol Design
Lesbian labris symbol in rainbow colors

Lambda Symbol Design Image

Lambda Symbol Design
Rainbow colors lambda symbol

Feminist Pride Design Image

Feminist Pride Design
Feminist Symbol

Lesbian Pride Labris Flag Design Image

Lesbian Pride Labris Flag Design
Lesbian pride flag with labris symbol in pink, black & white

Lesbian Pride Flag Design Image

Lesbian Pride Flag Design
Lesbian Pride Flag with a pink kiss

2 Boys Design Image

2 Boys Design
Rainbow colors - 2 guys standing side by side

Gay Pride Heart Design Image

Gay Pride Heart Design
Gay heart symbol in rainbow colors

Gay Pride Rainbow Rings Design Image

Gay Pride Rainbow Rings Design
Pride rings in rainbow colors

Bear Paw Design Image
Cowboy Pride Flag Design Image

Cowboy Pride Flag Design
Cowboy Pride Flag

Bear Pride Flag Image

Bear Pride Flag
Bear Pride Flag with Bear Paw

BDSM Pride Symbol Image

BDSM Pride Symbol
BDSM Pride Symbol

BDSM Pride Flag Image

BDSM Pride Flag
BDSM Pride Flag

Bisexual Pride Moons Design Image

Bisexual Pride Moons Design
2 Moons in Bi Pride Colors

Bisexual Pride Rings Image

Bisexual Pride Rings
Bi Pride Colors inside rings

Bisexual Heart Design Image

Bisexual Heart Design
Heart shape design divided in 3 colors

2 Spirits Design Image

2 Spirits Design
Double Headed Thunderbird Design Rainbow on black

Bawabu Symbol Design Image
So What? Image

So What?
I Heart Girls AND Boys So What?

Transexual Pride Heart Design Image

Transexual Pride Heart Design
Heart design in transexual pride colors

Transexual Pride Triangle Design Image

Transexual Pride Triangle Design
Solid pink triangle with trans pride ring

Transexual Pride Flag 2 Design Image

Transexual Pride Flag 2 Design
Transexual pride flag with ring / fist design

Transexual Pride Flag 1 Design Image

Transexual Pride Flag 1 Design
Plain flag design in trans pride colors

Pansexual Pride Symbol Design Image

Pansexual Pride Symbol Design
Pan Sexual pride symbol

Pansexual Pride Rainbow Design Image

Pansexual Pride Rainbow Design
Pansexual symbol with pan pride colors

Pan / Asexual Pride Flag Design Image

Pan / Asexual Pride Flag Design
Asexual flag with Pansexual heart design

Pansexual / Genderqueer Pride Flag Design Image

Pansexual / Genderqueer Pride Flag Design
2 flags in one, colors for both pansexual and genderqueer

Provocative Designs Image
Just having some FUN with these designs.. =)
America Fuck Yeah! Image

America Fuck Yeah!
America Fuck Yeah Design

Beer Image

Beer Animal Design

Bear + Deer = Beer Image

Bear + Deer = Beer
Bear+Deer=Beer Design

Cheers Bitches Image

Cheers Bitches
Cheers Bitches Design

What Does the Fox Say? Image

What Does the Fox Say?
What Does the Fox Say Design

Legalize It Image

Legalize It
Legalize Cannabis Leaf Design

Talk Nerdy to Me Image

Talk Nerdy to Me
Talk Nerdy with Broken Glasses Design

Keep Calm Image

Keep Calm
Keep Calm and Smoke Weed Design with cannabis leaf

I Heart Moustache Image

I Heart Moustache
I Heart Moustache Design

OMG aka WTF Image

OMG aka WTF Design